If you are a networking novice, someone who has tried networking sparingly or a successful networking professional or business owner who has come looking for success tips, this is the right place to be. Ten Commitments of Networking was set up as a way to interact with everyone interested in business networking and who might be looking for valuable tips and pointers on how to achieve greater networking success.

Ten Commitments of Networking has been built on the foundation of service to others as we believe in the adage “what goes around comes around”. It was no mistake that Tom Hopkins once introduced Larry James at an Oklahoma City Seminar as “the expert you must meet before you meet this auditorium today if you want to know about networking.”

As Larry believes in sharing his knowledge freely, you will find that Ten Commitments of Networking is a repository that holds various articles, books and personal coaching tips that can be used to help you start on the business networking journey. In this website, we have attempted to help you understand about Business networking, different methods of networking and what are the benefits you will derive out business networking.

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